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Rain Bird Warranty Document

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3. Start - up by other than Rain Bird Authorized personnel will void these terms and conditions. Provided that all installation, start - up and operation responsibilities have been properly executed, Rain Bird will replace or repair, at Rain Bird’s option, any part found to be defective under normal recommended use during this period. Repairs performed at Rain Bird’s expense must be authorized by Rain Bird prior to repairs being performed. Upon request, Rain Bird shall provide advice on trouble - shooting a defect during the effective period of this Customer Satisfaction Policy. However, no service, replac ement or repair under this Customer Satisfaction Policy will be rendered while the customer is in default of any payments due to Rain Bird. Rain Bird will not accept responsibility for costs associated with the removal, replacement, or repair of equipment in difficult - to - access locations. Difficult - to - access locations include (but are not limited to) locations where any of the following are required: 1. Cranes larger than 15 tons 2. Divers 3. Barges 4. Helicopters 5. Dredging 6. Any other unusual means or requirements Such extraordinary cost shall be the responsibility of the customer, regardless of the reason requiring removal of the equipment from service. The terms and conditions of this Customer Satisfaction Policy do not cover damage caused by or resulting from the foll owing: 1. Misapplication, abuse, or failure to conduct routine maintenance (to include winterization/winter lay - up procedures) 2. Pumping of liquids other than fresh water as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, unless the pump station is specifi cally designed to do so 3. Use of free chlorine or other strong biocide 4. Exposure to electrolysis, erosion, or abrasion 5. Presence of destructive gases or chemicals 6. Over voltage or low voltage 7. Electrical phase loss or reversal 8. Exposure to incoming power lacking circuit breaker or fused protection 9. Using the control panel as a service disconnect 10. Lightning or other Act of Nature. 11. Failure of pump packing seal (unless the failure occurs on initial start - up).

4. The foregoing terms and conditions constitute Rain Bird’s en tire Customer Satisfaction Policy. Rain Bird does not offer any other or additional warranty, with respect to the pumping system or its components. Rain Bird makes no implied warranty, with respect to fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability of the pumping system or its components. Components manufactured by others (as noted on the Pump Station Quotation) are covered solely by and to the extent of the warranty, if any, offered by the manufacturer. Rain Bird shall not be liable to the customer or any other person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the pump system. Rain Bird shall not be responsible for incidental, consequential, collateral or indirect damages or loss of profit or damages related to the customer’s business operations, nor for those caused by Acts of Nature. In no case and under no circumstances shall Rain Bird’s liability exceed the Rain Bird Corporation’s net sale price of the pump system. Laws concerning customer warranties and disclaimers vary from state to state, and therefore some of the foregoing limitations may not apply to you. V. All Other Products - 1 year

1. Rain Bird’s Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy and Trade Warranty At Rain Bird, we believe when you purchase our products, you should also receive the support you need to ensure that they perform as designed. Like our products, Rain Bird customer service is designed to exceed expectations. When you call with questions ab out orders or new products, you get the support you need from the top water management professionals in the industry – support that originates from our headquarters in Azusa, California, or our Customer Service Center in Tucson, Arizona and is backed by ou r vast global network of distributor - partners. Our comprehensive trade warranties make it even easier to choose Rain Bird and relax. Most Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation products are warranted to the trade for a period of either three or five years from the date of original purchase. A Rain Bird trade warranty is hassle - free support that enables maximum peak performance by irrigation system professionals. For you, it’s the added peace of mind of knowing Rain Bird is there when you need it. Rain Bird’s Profes sional Customer Satisfaction Policy Rain Bird will repair or replace at no charge any Rain Bird professional product that fails in normal use within the warranty period stated below. You must return it to the dealer or distributor where you bought it. Prod uct failures due to acts of God including without limitation, lightning and flooding, are not covered by this warranty. This commitment to repair or replace is our sole and total warranty. Implied Warranties of Merchantability and Fitness, if Applicable, a re Limited to One Year from the Date of Sale. We will not, under any circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential damages, no matter how they occur. I. Landscape Irrigation and Drainage Products  1800 Series Pop - Up Spray Heads, U - Series Nozzles, PA - 8S and PA - 8S - PRS Shrub Adapters, 1300 and 1400 Bubblers, 5000 Series Rotors, 5500 Series Rotors, 8005 Series Rotors, Falcon® 6504 Series Rotors, PEB/PESB/PESB - R Plastic Valves, DV/DVF Plastic Valves, VB Series Valve Bo xes and XF Series Dripline* – 5 years  Lake Management Aerator: LM10, LM11, LM20, LM30 – 3 years  Lake Management Aerator: LMM – 2 years  Lake Management Aerator Lights – 1 year  C2 Power Unit – 2 years

2.  Pump Start Relays: 1 year for controls/electronics, 2 yea rs for enclosure  All other Landscape Irrigation and Drainage products – 3 years *XF Series Dripline - 7 Years on Environmental Stress Cracking (ESCR) II. Golf Products  Golf Rotors: DR, DH, D S, ESR, EAGLE™ Series and EAGLE IC™ Series, Rain Bird Series and Rain Bird IC™ Golf rotors – 3 years.  Additionally, any DR, DH, DS, EAGLE™ Series and EAGLE IC™ Series, Rain Bird Series and Rain Bird IC™ Golf Rotor sold and installed in conjunction with a R ain Bird Swing Joint – 5 years. Proof of concurrent installation is required.  Filtration system controllers – 3 years  LINK™ Radios – 3 years  TSM - 3 SDI12 Soil Sensor (ISS) – 5 - years  Lake Management Aerator: LM10, LM11, LM20, LM30 – 5 years  Lake Management A erator: LMM – 2 years  Lake Management Aerator Lights – 1 year  Hose Reels – 2 years  All other golf products – 1 year III. Agricultural Products  A5 PC Pressure Compensating AG Dripline – Five Years on Product Workmanship, Seven Years on Environmental Stress Cracking  PE Polyethylene Tubing - Seven Years on Product Workmanship, Seven Years on Environmental Stress Cracking  LF™ Series Sprinklers – Five Years  Impact Sprinklers – Two Years  All other agricultural products – One Year IV. Pump Stations Rain Bird guara ntees that its pump station will be free of manufacturer defects for one year from date of authorized start - up but not beyond sixteen months from date of invoice.


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