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Hydrawise Homeowner Brochure

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Hydrawise Homeowner Brochure

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2. Try Hydrawise today Manage from Anywhere in the World Control your irrigation system from your phone, tablet or web browser any time, anywhere worldwide. Remote access allows you to view, manage and monitor your irrigation controller. Save Water Hydrawise TM uses Predictive Watering TM to adjust your sprinkler’s watering schedule based on your local weather forecast. Save water by automatically managing water use based on temperature, predicted rainfall or actual rainfall. We’re not only saving you water, we’re also saving your plants by giving them exactly what they need. No more wasted water. No more dead plants. Know your Water Usage The Hydrawise interface allows you to view the water usage for each watering cycle. Set up app notifications or SMS alerts for instant notice when a zone’s water usage is abnormal. Save Time Use your mobile device or computer to access our easy- to-use interface. You decide your watering needs and Hydrawise will take care of the rest . “Every summer, our water bills are over $100 just to keep our small grass area green as well as our other plants alive. Since installing the Hydrawise unit, our water bill has gone from $137 to $74!” – Darlene – Las Vegas, Nevada Save up to 50% on your water bills

1. RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL IRRIGATION | Built on Innovation ® Learn more, visit Hunter Industries, Inc., 1940 Diamond St., San Marcos, California, 92078 USA © 2016 Hunter Industries, Incorporated LIT-694-BR-HOME-US 8/16 HC Controller: Hunter’s touchscreen residential controller is your best choice for efficient and reliable predictive watering. HC Flow Meter: Flow meters allow you to detect broken pipes, spray heads and faulty wiring or valves. Hydrawise TM Ready Products: Schedule an appointment with your local irrigation contractor to see how you can maximize your system’s performance to save both water and money. Wi-Fi Irrigation Control


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