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Hydrawise Connecting Your Flow Meter

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Hydrawise Connecting Your Flow Meter

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2. TABLE OF CONTENTS HC SUPPORT Thank you for purchasing the Hunter HC Flow Meter. In this Quick Start Guide, you will learn how to install and configure the HC Flow Meter. For support of Hydrawiseâ„¢ cloud software or help with your Hydrawise account, please visit . For specification information, refer to . Contents 4 Planning 5 Installing 6 Configuring 7

6. 6 INSTALLING The following instructions assume you have already installed your Hydrawise controller. 1. Flow meter body: The flow meter has a marking on the body indicating the direction of water flow. Installation of the flow meter must be in the correct orientation with water flowing in the direction of the arrow on the flow meter body. All HC flow meters must be installed horizontally with the dial facing upwards. 2. Connect flow meter wire: Two-wire cable is required. The cable required to connect your flow meter must be dedicated to the flow meter and not shared with the common wire of the valves or other sensors. The cable gauge is determined by the total length of cable between the controller and the flow meter. The general rule is that 0.5 mm (20GA) wire is good for a run of up to 240 feet. Connect the wires to your Hydrawise controller. Wire Color Sensor Terminal Block White Common Blue SEN1 or SEN2 Red Not used: Wire should be capped with waterproof splice. Note: All wire connections should be done using waterproof connectors.

4. 4 Dial Marking Measurement Unit X0.01 0.01 gallon X0.1 0.1 gallon X1 1 gallon X10 10 gallons X100 100 gallons Note: The flow meter will read in U.S on the dial. You can change the units in the app to gallons (gal) or liters. HC Flow Meters The flow meter consists of two parts: 1. Flow meter body : The flow meter body contains an analog dial for manual readings as follows. Your flow meter will have three wires protruding from the flow meter’s body. The wires need to be connected to the sensor inputs on the controller for remote measurement. In all models, only two wires (blue and white) are used. 2. Adapter : Each flow meter has an adapter to allow connection to your irrigation system.

1. HC FLOW METER Quick Start Guide Hy dr a wi se â„¢ Ready

5. 5 Wire Size Max Length Gauge Feet 20 240 18 1,000 PLANNING Planning is an important step in the successful installation of your Hunter flow meter and the reliable operation of your irrigation system. 3. Flow meter entry location : Flow meters are installed between the master valve and zone valves. To avoid false alerts, there should be no water taps or other uncontrolled water use on the downstream side of the flow meter. If all solenoids connected to the controller are not grouped together, it may be necessary to install more than one flow meter. The flow meter should be installed with 10 times the pipe diameter before and five times the pipe diameter after the flow meter of straight pipe. 4. Cable: Two-wire cable is required. The cable gauge is determined by the total length of cable between the controller and the flow meter. For cable lengths greater than 100 ′ , lightning-prone areas, or cable running near buildings, use shielded cable. The cable should consist of two dedicated wires and must not be in the same conduit or cable bunch as the solenoid wires. Do not share the common wire of the solenoids with the common of the sensors. Flow Meter Cable Length Chart

8. LIT-694-QS-US 07/17 Need more helpful information on your product? Find tips on installation, controller programming, and more. TROUBLESHOOTING RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL IRRIGATION | Built on Innovation® Learn more. Visit

3. 3 SENSOR 1 SENSOR 2 COMMO N ZONE 1 ZONE 2 Min. of 10 times pipe diameter Min. of 5 times pipe diameter Note the flow meter’s flow direction arrow if present

7. 7 CONFIGURING Configuration of your flow meter is completed using your Hydrawise account. 1. Log in to your account: Enter your log-in information . 2. Create a flow sensor: It is important that you select the correct flow meter when configuring your Hydrawise app. Choosing the wrong model may cause the Hydrawise controller to measure the wrong water flow. 3. Assign zones to the flow sensor: Refer to for app/software setup information. HC FLOW METER SELECTION CHART FOR THE HYDRAWISE APP METER SIZE DESCRIPTION U.S. GALLON PULSE RATE 3/4 " 3/4" flow meter 1 pulse per 0.1 U.S. gal. 1 1" flow meter 1 pulse per 1 U.S. gal. 1 1/ 2 " 11/ 2" flow meter 1 pulse per 1 U.S. gal. 2 " 2 " flow meter 1 pulse per 1 U.S. gal.


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