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Hydrawise 12 Station Expansion Module Manual

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Hydrawise 12 Station Expansion Module Manual

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4. 4 Mounting The Expansion Module 1. Using a drill bit of 3/ 16 inch diameter, drill a hole to a depth of 1 inch (25 mm). 2. Insert plastic anchor so it is flush with the surface of the wall. 3. Screw 1 inch screw into anchor leaving the head protruding about 1/ 8 inch (4 mm). 4. Slide the controller case over the screw head. 5. Mark second mounting point (see ③ in diagram), remove expansion module, drill hole, insert plastic anchor, slide controller case over first screw head and screw into place. ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ① Rear cable entry point (remove with knife) ② Conduit cable entry point (remove with knife) ③ Wall mounting screw ④ Power indicator ⑤ Expansion module cable entry ⑥ Go to previous screen ⑦ Go to home screen

2. TABLE OF CONTENTS HC SUPPORT Thank you for purchasing the Hunter HC Expansion Module. In this Quick Start Guide you will learn how to install and configure the HC Expansion Module. For support for Hydrawise™ cloud software or help with your Hydrawise account, please visit . Your expansion module is shipped with – • A 12 Zone Expansion Module with a blue wiring cover. • 36in (900mm) Expansion Cable. • Bag containing 2 x screws and 2 x conical wall anchors for wall mounting. Installation 3 Hydrawise App Configuration 7 Troubleshooting 8

6. 6 Connecting The Expansion Module Power for the Expansion Module is supplied by the master controller via a cable between the units. Note that only the 12 zone controller supports expansion modules. 1. Using the cable supplied, connect the Master Controller and Expansion Module. The Master Controller has a single expansion module port. Each Expansion Module has 2 expander ports. Connect the cable between the port on the Master Controller and the port on the Expansion Module. 2. Once the cable is connected the Expansion Module will power up. 3. Click the blue wiring cover into place to seal the controller and protect the wiring. Configure The Expansion Module ID Each Expansion Module must have an Expansion Module ID configured – you need to do this only once. You can choose any Expansion Module ID between either 1 and 2 as long as it is unique to your installation. 1. Select the Expansion Module ID by touching the number on the Expansion Module’s touch screen. 2. The ID will change to an orange color indicating the configured Expansion Module’s ID. When the Expansion Module ID is configured for your controller (see next section) this color will change to green and the status will change to Online to indicate a successful connection between the master controller and the expansion module. Note: You must use the Expansion Module cable supplied – other cables may damage your controller or Expansion Module. Two Expansion Modules can be daisy chained to create a maximum of 36 zones using the spare Expansion Module port (labeled as ➎ on the diagram) on the Expansion Module.

3. 3 INSTALLATION Expansion Module Location The Hydrawise Expansion Module is designed for installation in a protected location. The chosen location for the expansion module should be within 20in (500mm) of the main controller. Cable Entry The Expansion Module has 2 cable entry options – from the rear of the case or via a conduit from the bottom of the Expansion Module. 1. Entry from rear of module- Using a sharp knife, remove the 2 cutouts on the rear of the expansion module as indicated on the diagram as ① . 2. Entry via ¾ inch conduit- Using a sharp knife, cut around the semi-circular line on the expansion module as indicated on diagram as ➋ . Cut around the matching line on the blue controller wiring cover.

8. 8 TROUBLESHOOTING My Expansion Module ID Color Is An Orange Color • Check that you have added an expansion module for your controller in the Hydrawise App (see section Hydrawise App Configuration above for instructions). • Check that the configured Expansion Module ID on your Expansion Module matches your Hydrawise controller configuration. • Check that the master controller is connected to wireless. All Expansion Module ID Colors Are A Grey Color • You have not configured an Expansion Module ID on the Expansion Module. Touch either button 1 or 2 on the Expansion Module to set the Expansion Module ID. Expansion Module Zone Not Starting • Check that the Expansion Module ID on the Expansion Module is a Green color and the status is Online. • If your old controller had a master valve (sometimes referred to as MV) then you must configure a master valve in the app and wire this to a spare zone on the controller. Detailed instructions can be found on the Hydrawise website. • Check that your wiring is correct. If no solenoids start then check that your COMMON wire is correctly wired. Find more helpful information on your product? Find tips on installation, controller programming and more... LIT-694-QS-EM US 10/16

1. HC EXPANSION MODULE Quick Start Guide Hy dr a wi se ™ Ready

7. 7 HYDRAWISE APP CONFIGURATION Your Hydrawise controller needs to be configured for the new expansion module. Once you have added an expansion module to your controller you will be able to configure extra zones. Log Into Your Hydrawise Account 1. Log into your account as you did when first registering your controller. Add Your Expansion Module To Your Controller’s Configuration 2. In the Configuration section, add a new Expansion Module. Give it a name and an ID number between either 1 and 2. This ID number must match the ID you configured on the Expansion Module’s touchscreen. Within 60 seconds the Expansion Module ID on the Expansion Module should change to a green color and the status will change to Online to indicate successful configuration. Add New Zones 3. Go to Zones to add your new irrigation zones. You have now successfully finished installation.

5. 5 Connecting Solenoid Valves Your expansion module has 12 zones. If you have a master valve, it must be connected to the master controller. Refer to your HC Controller Quick start guide or for wiring instructions. Connecting The Expansion Module To The Master Controller Power for the Expansion Module is supplied by the master controller via a cable between the units. Note that only the 12 zone controller supports expansion modules. Expansion module cabl eT o other Expansion Modules HC HC Hy dr a wi se ™ Expansion Module Cable To Other Expansion Modules Expansion Module Cable MASTER CONTROLLER EXPANSION MODULE


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