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Rain Bird LX IVM-SOL 2-Wire Solenoid Suit PGA, PEB, PESB, BPE Series Valves
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    • Compatible with the PGA, PEB, PESB, BPES and EFB-CP Rainbird Valves

    • 1 Solenoid

    • 2 WC20 connectors

    • 2 Wire-Nuts

    • 1 White Solenoid Seal

    Features & Benefits

    • Field Devices are installed along the 2-Wire path to interface with valves and other hardware.

    • Interfaces with LX-IVM to control station valves and master valves

    • Rain Bird WC20 connectors (included with IVMSOL) to be used for all splices

    This product can be used in conjunction with the ESP-LXIVM Series Controllers and its respective ESP-LXIVM 2-Wire Field Devices. These devices (sold separately) include the:

    • IVM-SOL: Control station or master valves

    • IVM-OUT: Interfaces with LX-IVM to manage 3rd party valves and external gear such as pump stations

    • IVM-SEN: Interfaces with LX-IVM to control weather sensors or flow sensors

    • IVM-SD: provides surge protection on the 2-Wire path

    Product Details

    IVM-SOL Installation

    1. Use pressure sprayer to clean equipment

    2. Check that O-rings are free from damage or debris

    3. Attach IVM-SOL hand-tight (with no water pressure)

    Note:It's normal to hear a brief ratcheting sound during installation of the IVM-SOL on valve.

    Use IVM-SOL to connect valves on the 2-Wire path.

    1. Connect the red and black wires on the IVM-SOL to the 2-Wire Path

    2. For future troubleshooting or modifications, it is recommended to leave an additional 3 feet (1 meter) of 2-Wire cable stored in each valve box location.

    Note: If the valve is NOT at the end of the 2-Wire Path then make a three-way splice; the red wire from the IVM-SOL to the two red wires of the 2-Wire Path; then splice the IVM-SOL black wire to the two black wires of the 2-Wire Path. Use only WC20 splice kits for all wiring connections to the 2-Wire Path. Improper wiring can cause serious damage to your controller or irrigation system.