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Lawnhub Seed 100% Ryegrass
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    Oversowing Ryegrass into a couch (Bermuda) lawn

    Firstly, if you have applied any sort of pre-emergent in the 4-6 months prior to seed going down, you will not have the chance to oversow. The pre-emergent barrier is going to severely impact your success. Also if you’re in a frost prone area plan to seed at least 6 weeks prior to the onset of the frost period. Don’t attempt an oversow unless your lawn is in top health and at least 2 years old. This process can inhibit the couch coming out of dormancy in spring. 

    Here is a guide to Oversowing 100 m2 for example: 

    1. Apply the top rate of Plant Growth Regulator a day or 2 prior to putting seed down.
    2. Scarify, scalp or verticut the lawn to open up the canopy. The real goal here is to open up the grass so we can get the seed down near the soil surface
    3. Use half of your 3kg tub of SEED and spread in one direction followed by the other half of the SEED in the other direction. The goal is a consistent coverage of SEED. 3kg of SEED per 100m2 is a good amount.
    4. With a simple garden rake, rake the SEED down into the grass canopy. You can do this in 2 directions
    5. Roll the seed. A cylinder mower (without the engine on) is ideal or a water filled roller
    6. Spread half of your starter fertiliser and wetting agent. GOT LAID + BBW.
    7. The seed needs to be moist for the first 7-10 days as it germinates. Short frequent cycles are best 2-4 times per day depending on daily high temps.
    8. Seed will germinate after around 7-8 days. After 10 days if you’re happy with coverage start to transition irrigation cycles to longer duration but less frequently.
    9. Mowing can commence around 7 days after germination. Start high and work down slowly
    10. After 4 weeks you can spread the other half of the GOT LAID + BBW. however something higher in nitrogen is fine for this grass during winter.
    11. At the end of winter and before renovations begin you can apply a product like Monument or tribute to chemically remove the rye from the couch.